Short video presentation that explains who we are!

“It is not about the destination but the Journey”

My Journey has afforded me 30 years’ in the high end hospitality market, 15 of which have been coordinating high end weddings and celebrations. I have planned, coordinated and produced countless weddings. I have learned a great deal through my journey which allows me to make yours an enjoyable, planned and organized one. I bring to the table an invaluable experience, education and success. guaranteeing you a successful, organized wedding celebration where no detail is left untouched.



Since the founding of Bond Group in 2009, we have donated to charity a portion of every wedding we are a part of. Our standing charity is A.S.P.C.A. (American Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ) however, we have also worked with Juvenile Diabetes, Breast Cancer Awareness and A.I.D.S. Action.

Our Customers desires are our focus. Our attention to details is our foundation.

Breck Bouchard

After being raised and educated in Charlottesville, Breck went to work as flight crew for an international airline. Breck has been fortunate enough to travel the world for 25 years. His travels and experience afforded him the opportunity to gain experience in high-end hospitality on an international level. At the same time, he was able to explore his lifetime interest in design, fashion and architecture on a global scale.This developed and expand his creative attributes even further. Breck’s broad experience and extensive exposure to multiple cultures and countries has contributed to his unique and creative abilities. Breck draws upon all of his experience when designing and planning events. This has led him to create events for a wide array of clients, including NFL players, Olympic athletes and nationally recognized clientele.

Realizing the lack of event coordination firms for luxury, high-end weddings that focus on the actual client, Breck founded the Bond Group Events Inc. in 2009 to provide an all encompassing event coordination firm focused on luxury events and concierge service.

“We have a reputation for being sophisticated, fashionable and very well connected.
We love what we do and judging by the accolades of our clients, we know you will as well” Breck Bouchard”.